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Sue McCreeth: Look Back and Love

This sixth album from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sue McCreeth presents an eclectic anthology of some of her finest original recordings over the last 15 years, including the rim shot driven 'Only Here', the decidedly trippy 'Nut Tree', and the modal explorations of 'Other Times We Fly'.  Twice shortlisted for the International Songwriting Competition, there's also a quartet of new songs, all of which are highlights. 'Keep This Love Safe' is a ballad which packs real dramatic heft, while the enigmatically titled 'Mother Sister Father Brothers My Man Child and His Mama' documents the pain of not receiving love from within your own family, and the joy of finding it elsewhere.  Recorded live at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 'Til I Am In The Wrong Place' is a disquieting, brooding slice of urban angst.  By contrast, the outer-spacious 'Infinity' casts a warm glow and brings the collection to a beatific close.

 The Observer / The Guardian
18 JUNE 2017
Sue McCreeth: Look Back and Love review – an impressive showcase
Highly original songwriting with wildly contrasting styles
As a singer-songwriter, Sue McCreeth is highly unusual in two ways. First, she takes as her starting point not a few words or snatch of melody, but a harmonic idea. This comes, perhaps, from having studied with Gary Burton and Joe Mulholland at Berklee College in Boston. Second, she alters her singing voice quite radically to suit the character of individual songs. As a result, the sheer contrast from one song to another, while very effective, can be a little bewildering until you get used to it. This anthology, drawn from her previous five albums, with a few new pieces added, provides an impressive introduction.

Norma Winstone
I really like your completely unaffected way of singing. I find you believable which, I think should be the main aim of a singer. I enjoyed hearing my lyrics sung by you.

The Musician Magazine
witness to Sue fulfilling her considerable promise backed by a top drawer foursome.  An impeccable production.

The Observer

She sings with warmth and intimacy, and commands a wonderful flexibility in her vocal tone, which allows her to match it exactly to the message or atmosphere of any particular piece.

…Some will inevitably get lost in the crowd, a fate I sincerely hope does not befall Sue McCreeth… Outstanding...  The charm of her style lies in the clear, modest simplicity and grace with which she brings off quite daunting musical feats …an element of ethereal calm… a charming and exquisitely performed set… a cool, misty kind of voice and a style which invites rather than insists on attention… her own ‘Only Here’ and Chick Corea’s ‘500 Miles High’ are outstanding.

The Guardian

A gently unconventional performer who guarantees a quietly compelling momentum… a rich mid-register, falsettos and deep purrs, payoffs on barely audible murmurs…  calmly inventive… boldly ambitious… she has imagination and heart… McCreeth applies her plush mid-range and rhythmic flexibility… boldly punctuated and inventive… sultry… hip.