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Home of Sue

by Sue McCreeth

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Cry With Me
from Home of Sue

Feeling left out?
 Here’s some consoling listening for you from my heart

Funky As Fame
from Home of Sue

Funky people who are not as famous as maybe they could have been, and also some of their illustrious and amazing influences

Divine Divas
from Home of Sue

Divine women play piano, sing, write and delight. I invite you to immerse your senses into these tracks that I have found

from Home of Sue

Longing for the summer to come? Bring it on with these summer vibes and summer loving sensations

When Women Whisper
from Home of Sue

Some of the world’s best living songstresses whisper with sublime harmonies

from Home of Sue

Had a dull day? Reconnect with your intelligent self through these great evocations of urban angst

Soothing Grooves
from Home of Sue

Had a tough day? Soothe yourself with these iconic songstresses and lesser known vocal gems to calm and comfort your loving heart

Jazz Gems
from Home of Sue

Had a day from hell? Come back to the heaven of your own calm with these fresh, quirky and brilliant Jazz Gems

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