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2018 Round-up

2018 was a fantastic year for me.  There were more great reviews in for ‘Look Back and Love’, live dates with a brilliant Scottish band and Wendy Kirkland, and a new collaboration with Infinite Sunday.  My collaborations with Joe Mulholland have resulted in my music now being used as teaching material within Berklee College of Music, USA, and Fresh Sync New York now list my music in their library.  There have been over half a million views of my videos online.

My new innovation is putting up playlists on Spotify, and these are starting to generate interest.  So I am looking forward to 2019 and promoting these playlists more.

My new song, Happy Christmas Love Has Comewas released on 17 December and I am excited about the interest this track has generated. Many thanks to my band members in Infinite Sunday, Ian Salmon and Mike Varty.  It was a brilliant session, with a very high octane creative atmosphere.

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Save the Children Now

I’d love to tell you about my new track ‘Save the Children Now’, released on 17 May: I am very excited about it!  I am able to donate 70% of the income from this song to charities for children in need in the UK and internationally, in perpetuity.   The song was co-written with Joe Mulholland and Larion Stolk, and it strongly reflects my connections with Gravesend, the sound engineer and backing vocalist being residents of Gravesend as well:  Karl Addy and Gary Cordice.  

I have now also renegotiated my distribution of my Christmas song ‘Happy Christmas Everyone Love Has Come’ and can now promise 90% of all income from that song to charities.  I am highly motivated to promote these tracks for charity in order to raise money for children in need all over the world.

Please help the charities by buying the tracks and sharing the links.  

Other News

My song ‘Sat Nam’ has been included in a European Jazz playlist  and also ‘Til I Am In The Wrong Place’ has been included on on BBC iplayer.