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Look Back and Love


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Released : 2 June 2017

Track Listing

1.   Sat Nam  (7.14)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

2.   She Want Him (5.41)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

3.   Keep This Love Safe (3.38)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

4.   Even If Now (5.46)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

5.   Nut Tree (5.53)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth, Ian Salmon, Mike Varty

6.   The Air Is Blue (2.39)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

7.   Mother Sister Father Brothers My Man Child & His Mama (4.00)
       music Sue McCreeth & Joe Mulholland/lyrics Sue McCreeth

8.   Night Chill (4.22)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth, Ian Salmon, Mike Varty

9.   Other Times We Fly (5.09)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

10. Only Here (9.28)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

11. The Dancer (4.53)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

12. Ettu Enna (3.58)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth

13. 'Til I Am In The Wrong Place (6.29)
        music Sue McCreeth & Joe Mulholland/lyrics Sue McCreeth

14.  Infinity (5.37)  music/lyrics Sue McCreeth, Ian Salmon, Mike Varty

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She sings with warmth and intimacy and commands a wonderful flexibility in her vocal tone, which allows her to match it exactly to the message or atmosphere of any particular piece…

(Jazz Critic, The Observer)

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Mastered at  Abbey Road - the most famous recording studio in the world!

DAVE GELLY writes:

“Look back and love and reflect on a remarkable 15 years of creative work by Sue McCreeth, in collaboration with some of Britain's finest musicians. That's what this anthology is about, whilst also four new songs reveal her drawing on new emotional depths of lyrical and vocal expression.”

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