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…and all that jazz

All Sue’s previous jazz recordings

Sue McCreeth Queer Bird CD

Queer Bird (2016) is a selection of nine compositions by British composers, plus three originals.

Sue McCreeth No Evil CD

No Evil (2014) is a collection of elegant timeless jazz standards.

…a cracking album, with a stellar line-up and wonderful tunes…


 An album to treasure and to share with friends…


Sue McCreeth Just for Luxury CD

Just for Luxury (2004) showcases Sue’s unique style with originals and covers from the heart .

Sue McCreeth 500 Miles High the Air is Blue CD

500 Miles High the Air is Blue (2001) is a sultry and passionate debut of originals and classics with a twist.

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A style which invites rather than insists on attention, I sincerely hope she does not get lost in the crowd


 The charm of her style lies in the simple grace with which she carries off the most daunting musical feats


Sue McCreeth Look Back and Love CD

Look Back and Love (2017) is an anthology of original work over 15 years, as well as 4 new songs.


Sleeve notes by The Observer Newspaper music critic Dave Gelly:-

Look back and love and reflect on a remarkable 15 years of creative work by Sue McCreeth, in collaboration with some of Britain’s finest musicians.  That’s what this anthology is about, whilst also four new songs reveal her drawing on new emotional depths of lyrical and vocal expression.

Sue is as fascinated by harmony and musical texture as she is with melody and lyrics, and that is very unusual.  So when she listens again to a song such as ‘The Dancer’, recorded in 2004, her first recollection is, “I was digging really deep into sound worlds that interested me.”  She studied composition at the prestigious Berklee school of music and one of her teachers, Gary Burton, perhaps summed her work up best as, “Logical and effective, this seems to come to you naturally.”

‘Til I Am In The Wrong Place’ is a live performance recording.  When she was writing it, Sue talked over some musical ideas with another of her teachers at Berklee – Joe Mulholland, Professor of Harmony.  They found that they worked so well together that Joe will be collaborating with Sue on her next album, so far untitled. [Joe has subsequently co-written ‘Save the Children Now’ with Sue].

Sue’s lyrics communicate on a personal, intimate level.  Love songs of tenderness but also of determination are scattered with fascinating hints and possibilities, an edgy uncertainty.  The more you listen to ‘Keep This Love Safe’, the more your imagination strays, and you wonder.  As well as telling a dramatic tale, ‘Mother Sister Father Brother My Man Child and His Mama’ could lend support and encouragement to those in the same predicament.

She sings with warmth and intimacy, and commands a wonderful flexibility in her vocal tone, which allows her to match it exactly to the message or atmosphere of any particular piece.  Or, as the great Norma Winstone wrote to her, after the release of Sue’s most recent album, Queer Bird (“2016), “I really like your completely unaffected way of singing.  I fine you believable, which, I think, should be the main aim of a singer.

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