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Introducing Sue McCreeth

‘She sings with warmth and intimacy, and commands a wonderful flexibility in her vocal tone, which allows her to match it exactly to the message or atmosphere of any particular piece.’

Dave Gelly

(Jazz Music Critic for The Observer newspaper)

Sue McCreeth is a highly acclaimed vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. She first won recognition as one of the most engaging jazz vocal talents of the UK back in 2000, when she led various jazz ensembles on the South Coast of England.  Since then she has released six critically acclaimed albums; worked extensively throughout the UK with some of the finest jazz musicians on the scene; been shortlisted twice for the International Song Writing Competition; won three touring awards from Jazz Services; and sold out for the London Jazz Festival.

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“Your music is logical and effective, this seems to come to you naturally”

Gary Burton

Look Back and Love

DAVE GELLY writes:

“Look back and love and reflect on a remarkable 15 years of creative work by Sue McCreeth, in collaboration with some of Britain's finest musicians. That's what this anthology is about, whilst also four new songs reveal her drawing on new emotional depths of lyrical and vocal expression.”

Look Back and Love will be released at the end of January 2017.

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